What Minerals Are Best For Good Skin Health?

minerals for good skin healthHealthy looking skin is an indication that the inner body health is in good order. Oily or dry skin is, in the majority of cases, a result of poor diet. Hereditary and age factors play their part but with a healthy food intake containing those minerals and vitamins essential for good skin health even with a family susceptibility to poor skin, skin health can be controlled.

The minerals for good skin health are as follows :-

Bad skin is telling us that the body is lacking in one or more of those minerals and vitamins that help keep up the body’s defenses against disease.

There are three essential minerals that are needed to maintain good skin health and keeping the visible signs of ageing at bay that are also required by other bodily organs and tissues.

Minerals – ZINC

The production of oil in the skin and skin renewal are principal functions of Zinc. Acne may be a result of Zinc deficiency and may also be involved in the control of those hormones responsible for Acne. Zinc is also plays an essential role in the function of the immune system and also in reducing prostate cancer. Zinc is also prominent in the proper functioning of taste, smell and vision.

Natural food sources rich in Zinc include eggs, liver, peas, oats, Brazil and other nuts, oysters, crab ginger, pumpkin seeds, yogurt and pecans.

Minerals – SILICA

A deficiency of this essential trace element results in reduced skin elasticity. Silica is the element that is involved in the strengthening of the body’s connective tissues. These are muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone, cartilage, nails and hair. A lack of Silica will slow down the ability of the body to heal its wounds.

Foods rich in Silica are strawberries, mango, rhubarb, leeks, green and garbanzo beans, cucumber, celery, and asparagus.

Minerals – SELENIUM

This antioxidant mineral helps to protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and possibly has an important effect in preventing skin cancer. It is vital in maintaining tissue elasticity. Selenium prevents cell damage caused by free radicals and is involved in reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Four Brazil nuts eaten every day provide sufficient Selenium for the majority of people. Other sources include tuna, salmon, oysters, beef, turkey, mushrooms, eggs, brown rice, garlic, low fat cottage cheese and whole wheat bread.

It is tempting to consider the use of the heavily advertised creams, soaps and other topical applications to improve skin tone and hold back the signs of ageing and some may live up to expectations. However the key to maintaining good skin health is diet. Eating foods containg those vitamins and minerals that are best for good skin health.

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