How To Get Rid Of Unsightly Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

It is a popular misconception that stretch marks appear on the abdomen only as a result of childbirth. As many sufferers know only too well, stretch marks are not confined to women; men are just as likely to have them.

The common factor is the stretching and then the shrinking of the skin in the lower body area.

Being overweight as well as the later stages of pregnancy can cause stretching of the skin covering the stomach. Getting rid of the excess weight by dieting or an exercise regime has just the same effect as giving birth, stretched skin gives place to the loose flaps of skin and creases we call stretch marks.

Both women and men sufferers can get rid of their unsightly stretch marks or at the very least make them considerably less noticeable.

The degree of stretching depends upon the elasticity of the skin and that in turn can be the result of inherited genes, be age related or simply due to the amount of exercise and quality of diet over a long period of time. This is why some lucky mothers can have more than one child without any visible signs of stretch marks.

There are several courses of action open, some of which can be taken in tandem.

  • Before considering more drastic solutions, a twice-daily application of a good quality moisturising cream containing Vitamin E massaged over the affected area will help the skin to regain some elasticity.
  • Mums to be should get into this routine at least three months before they are due in order to lower the chances of having prominent stretch marks for the first few months after the birth.
  • Massaging ‘cocoa butter‘ into the stretch marks is also an effective treatment, not only is it inexpensive but has the added advantage of getting rid of the skin discoloration associated with the marks. Emu oil is another product said to be effective as it has a high content of Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids essential for healthy skin.
  • Take advantage when the sun is shining by exposing the stomach area to the rays but take care to use a sunscreen containing added moisturiser and with a factor of at least 30 and don’t stay out too long and risk getting burnt.
  • Time spent in exercising the stomach muscles will tone up the underlying tissue and help in reducing the visible stretch marks.

It may be that the unsightly marks just won’t go away or you have only recently started to take action to get rid of them and you have to go to a beach party or similar where you expect them to be noticed.

Apart from covering them up with a garment try carefully covering them with a foundation cream matching your skin tone.

If all else fails, or the oil based treatments seem to be taking too long and you want to get on with your social life without the embarrassment of an unsightly tummy then cosmetic surgery in the shape of  laser treatment is likely to be the answer to the problem.

Be sure to get advice from a well qualified and experienced consultant before deciding on this course of action.

Getting rid of unsightly stretch marks and restoring the tightness of tummy skin comes at a hefty price – but then you’re worth it!

If none of these solutions appeal, be content in the knowledge that your stretch marks will likely fade as you age and may in time become almost unnoticeable.

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