How To Treat Enlarged Pores

Enlarged PoresOur bodies are covered with millions of hair follicles. These follicles lie deep in the dermis of the skin and grow up through the dermal layer of our skin onto the surface via tiny openings which are the pores.

About halfway to the surface, the sebaceous oil gland connects to it and empties sebum (skin oil) into the follicle which continues its journey to the opening.

Wherever we have a hair on our body there is a pore. The only exceptions are the psalms of our hands, the soles of our feet and our lips.

Most pores are very small and hardly noticeable. However, external influences can cause the pores to become overly large and can cause embarrassment or anxiety.

Causes of Enlarged Pores

  • Oily skin

If you are born with oily/greasy skin you are more likely to have more pronounced pores then your drier skinned counterparts.

  • Sun damage

Too much sun damage can cause the epidermis to thicken. This can make the pore look larger. Try using nature’s products to prevent sunburn.

  • Aging

Environmental forces such as sun damage, wind damage, pollution, as we grow older cause enlarged pores. The skin thickens as a protection and results in the pores appearing exaggerated.

  • Poor grooming, lack of exfoliation

Most people need to mildly exfoliate their skin as part of the skin regimen. This will remove oil build up and dead cells, which if left will accumulate around individual pores.

  • Blackheads

Known as open comedones, blackheads are plugs of sebaceous oil and dead skin cells which have choked the pore opening. The pore then expands and the plug of grease turns black on contact with the air.

Squeezing pimples and spots can leave skin damage and the pores will become very much enlarged. Often this will result in permanent damage.

How to minimize enlarged pores

Minimizing open pores is not very difficult but does require consistency.

As with most skin conditions, whenever possible, prevention is the best solution. Gently cleansing and exfoliating your skin will prevent open pores the majority of the time. Using a non alcoholic toner on a regular basis will help minimize open pore when they are already evident.

There are some excellent pore strips on the market now which will remove the offending blackhead without any pressure on the skin.

All you do is dampen your skin and stick the strip on for a few minutes. Gently remove the strip and hopefully many of the blackheads will come out.

Home Treatments

There are several methods of treating open pores at home that have been known to work very well.

  • A mixture of mashed tomatoes and lemon juice applied to the skin can be an effective method of tightening up the pore openings.
  • After cleansing, using steam on your face for about five minutes and then using a toner has been shown to be effective as well.
  • A homemade facial mask of oatmeal and cucumber juice applied and left for two to three minutes, then washed off is another good home beauty remedy to try.

Above all, do not squeeze out the blackened plug of oil from a pore. Though it might seem like a good idea and feel good temporarily, it will make the problem worse as it will fill up again. Making sure the cosmetics you use are good quality will help in treatment and prevention of open pores.

If home treatments don’t seem to be effective, you can visit a dermatologist for treatment. Don’t expect a cure that will fix the problem for good, though. Open pores can return no matter what treatment is used.

The types of treatments a doctor may recommend are regular chemical peels, botox treatments, microneedling to stimulate collagen production, radio frequency and laser peels.

The type of treatment recommended for you will depend on your doctor, the cause of open pores in your case and your skin type.

Enlarged pores can be treated and are not the end of the world. However, they do cause you to feel self conscious when you have them but they can be minimized, starting with proper skin care methods and following one of the above treatments.

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