How To Have Desirable Pouty Lips

pouty lipsIt has been reported that most people who are unhappy with some aspect their looks choose  Angelina Jolie as their role model when first approaching their cosmetic surgeon for a procedure.

However, Ms Jolie has been lucky to have been born with natural good looks which include those fabulous pouty lips.
So what can be done to get those desirable lips ourselves?
If you have very thin lips you should try to give the illusion of fullness by applying makeup that accentuates them.

First of all outline your lips with a soft lip pencil using a color close to your natural lip tone. Just draw the pencil slightly along the outer edge of your lip line. Fill in the lip area with the pencil taking care not to create any harsh lines. Blot with a tissue and repeat. Then add a lip gloss of your choice.

There are special lip plumpers on the market that claim to have amazing results as they contain substances which causes slight stinging. This then causes a swelling reaction, which for a short period or until the next application can reflect in fuller lips.

If you are still not happy you should consider the following.

Botox and Fillers

Very popular with celebrities and in fact women of all ages. There is always adverse opinion as to the safety of these procedures but if done by a qualified specialist they work wonders.

However the downside is the cost and the effort of having to get it redone every 6 months or so. Also there are a few famous actresses that have not been able to resist the temptation to have more and more and as a result they end up with caricature lips.

Daily lip care

It is essential to keep lips moist and never let them dry out. Use a daily moisturizer and a lip balm. Beware of extremes of weather. Icy windy conditions can be just a harmful as hot sun.

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