How to Minimise Alcohol Effects on Skin

alcoholWe all know the bad effect of alcohol on the skin, but we are living in a culture of social drinking and its very hard to turn your back on a glass of wine after¬† a hard day’s work as a way of unwinding.

However to keep your facial skin and complexion glowing there are a few ways to minimise alcohol effects on the skin.

  • Hydration

Keeping the skin hydrated is most important to maintain good skin health whether you are teetotal or enjoy your alcohol. Alcohol in any form, together with caffeine drinks will have a dehydrating effect on the body so it makes sense if you are going to have a night out on the tiles or expect to be drinking more than a glass or two to get some water into your body.

A good principle is to drink a glass of water just before you go out and then at least another glass, or hopefully more, when the partying is over. Drinking water before and after drinking alcohol is of paramount importance in keeping a healthy clear skin!

It will also help with the morning after hangover when again drinking plenty of water, in our experience, will help clear the head the better than any other so called hangover cure. Failure to hydrate the body after alcohol consumption can result in a red and blotchy face, broken veins around the nose due to enlarged blood vessels and flushing.

Of course no amount of hydrating is going to stop the skin showing signs of excessive alcohol intake but it will help to slow down the indications.

  • Nutrition

Alcohol can deplete the body of Vitamin A which is necessary to promote healthy skin. Lack of Vitamin A will lower skin cell renewal which will leave dead cells on the skin surface and give a sallow appearance. Vitamin A also contains antioxidant properties which fight against free radicals which in turn can break down the skins structure.

  • Minimise Alcohol Effects on the Skin by Reducing Consumption

Easier said than done when the social life of so many of us seems to revolve around drinking.  However, instead of just topping up your glass why not alternate each glass of alcohol with a glass of water. Water with ice and a lime twist is very refreshing and will help keep you hydrated. You will definately feel better in the morning.

Try not to drink at lunch time. This just extends the hours in the day when you are drinking.

Heavy Drinkers Must Watch Their Skin For Life Threatening Signs

There are other indications of excessive alcohol consumption appearing on the skin but these are more often than not due to to the onset and development of liver disease, a major cause of which is heavy spirits and beer drinking.

Watch out for spidery veins on and around the lower neck and upper chest area, the yellowing of the skin around the eyes and in the eyes and nail changes.

If in any doubt see your physician and stay off the booze. Don’t leave it too late, it can be life threatening. As in all things moderation is way forward, a little of what you enjoy can do you good.

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