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greasy skinThe teen years are difficult in many ways and having greasy oily skin is just one of the problems that afflict many teenagers.

But it isn’t confined to teenagers. Many adults also contend with oily skin problems.

Greasy skin makes the face appear shiny and sometimes, shadows are more noticeable than they are on those who don’t have drier skin.

What Causes Greasy Oily Skin?

In a word, hormones.

Next to the hair follicles are sebaceous glands that produce oil to provide a waterproof layer on the skin that helps it to retain moisture.

At puberty, hormones are released in a rush that causes the sebaceous glands to produce more oil, sometimes far too much oil. For women particularly, there are other times in life when excessive amounts of oil are produced.

Some women deal with overly oily skin once a month as part of their menstrual cycles because of the fluctuation of hormones.

It is not unusual for the fluctuating hormones during pregnancy to cause it, too. But some people have greasy skin because it is genetic.

Besides looking shiny, greasy skin is also more prone to blackheads and pimples. The pores of excessively oily skin tend to be larger and more open. The oil draws and traps more dirt and grime than non-oily skin does, making it more difficult to keep the skin clean. Bacteria has a perfect breeding ground to cause acne, resulting in a proliferation of blackheads and pimples.

Effectively dealing with greasy skin requires consistency.

How to Deal with Greasy Skin

The first step is to follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. This is a good idea regardless of whether you have

greasy skin or not. The second step is to keep your skin as clean as possible.

To do this, cleaning your skin at least three times a day is necessary to cleanse the pores of the dirt they perpetually gather.

It might be helpful to use a sulphur soap. If you wear makeup, it is vital to make sure you remove it thoroughly every day or it will help plug the pores and contribute to acne outbreaks.

Using a mild toner can help to improve the texture of the skin and improve circulation. Exfoliating will help keep the old dead skin cells from plugging the pores and providing the bacteria a good medium for growth.

Though it may be tempting and seem like a good idea, avoid over scrubbing, as this will cause irritation rather than help. You also want to avoid over drying the skin, too, so use astringents with caution if at all.

How to Draw Out Dirt and Grime

There are several ways to help draw out deep down dirt and grime from your skin.

One of the best is using a clay mask regularly. It may result in an increase of pimples at first as the dirt is brought to the surface, but this is temporary.

Another good recipe to help cleanse the pores is to mix a spoonful each of tomato juice, curd, honey, multani mitti and a little bit of kapur, then apply it to your skin.

If you wear makeup, take care in choosing the type you use. There are makeup products designed for oily skin care  and using one of these will give you a better result than using one for other different skin types.

Because different people will react differently to the various brands, you may need to try several before you find the one that works best for you.

When applying makeup, remember that less is better, both for your skin’s health and looks. Again, be sure to remove it every night, don’t leave it on overnight.

Greasy skin can be dealt with effectively

The key is consistent cleansing, not aggressive cleansing. Gently cleanse your skin several times a day and your greasy skin will be much less a problem.

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