How To Treat Ethnic Skin


Ethnic SkinAll ethnic types have skin that has a similar structure with exactly the same skin layers whatever its color.

The three layers are the dermis, the epidermis and the subcutaneous fat layer.

The only obvious outward difference is the color, of which there are many varying shades from yellow to brown to black according to the ethnic origin.
Also each ethnic skin type can be dry, normal, oily or any combination.

However, it is wisest to treat each skin color with the special care that is so readily available today.

Special Care For Ethnic Skin

One of the reasons for special care is that skin color is dependent upon the amount of melanin that is in it. The darker the skin the more melanin it contains. Although having dark skin offers some great advantages such as more sun damage prevention and less obvious aging effects, it can result in more obvious disfiguring scars from conditions like acne.

Lighter Skin Color

Generally speaking, Caucasians, that is those with lighter skin color, are likely to have an earlier onset of the signs of aging than darker skin types.

Wrinkling, sagging and pigment changes, such as liver or age spots appear at an earlier age than, for example, Afro Americans, who will retain a youthful looking skin for longer.

People with lighter colored skin tones can suffer from excess melanin problems in certain conditions.

Outbreaks of acne, pimples and other types of facial or body spots can result in dark patches caused by a build up of melanin in the affected areas that can last for a considerable time. This condition is known as Hyperpigmentation.

The opposite can occur after more serious injuries when skin is damaged by burns or other trauma to leave an area lighter in tone than the surrounding skin.

Darker Skin

Although some conditions and injuries will leave more visible signs on darker skins there are preventative measures that can help in protecting the various types from discoloration caused by an excess or diminished melanin.

Common to all skin types, using the correct skin products and taking extra care in the sun can go a long way to keeping a healthy complexion and delay the signs of aging.

For a cream which claims to prevent excessive melanin production, while protecting the skin against future damage try Purlisse Skin Brightening Serum which comes with 5 star customer ratings and reviews. Not cheap but it appears to do the job.


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