How To Sun Tan Safely

sun lotionVirtually every woman, and most men, believe that they look better if they have sun-tanned skin. Despite all the warnings, as soon as the summer sun appears, millions are out soaking up the rays hoping to get skin that looks bronzed, toned and healthy.


The adverts tell us that this or that make of sunscreens with blocking factors from 10-100 will allow safe sun-tanning and save you from burning. But does that mean that your skin can stay safe and healthy?


The short answer is no! Some of us are fortunate enough to have been born with skin that is resistant to the damage that can be caused by the sun providing that we take sensible care not to expose ourselves for excessive periods. For most though precautions have to be taken.


Smothering the body with a sun block to prevent sunburn is not always the answer. Many of these products contain ingredients that may be positively harmful to the skin but not in the same way as exposure to the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is more than just a good idea to check out your favorite brand of sunscreen for potentially dangerous ingredients. Better safe than sorry!

How to Check Chemicals in Sunscreen


The easiest way is to go on line to run by the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit making US research organisation. EWG has concerns for the effects of chemicals found in some cosmetics, including sunscreens, and analyses thousands of products. Its sunscreen section has been recently updated.


On the other hand the Personal Care Products Council,, the cosmetic trade association, insists that all the ingredients used in their members products have been researched and passed by the Federal Drugs Agency as safe for over the counter sales.

This leads to our conclusion that excessive use of a sunblock containing any questionable ingredient is best avoided. Who knows what the long-term consequences to skin health might be.

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