Interesting Human Skin Facts

human skin factsWe all take our skin for granted. After all we were born with it, its always going to be there, and as long as we take reasonable care of it will hopefully do its job.


But here are some interesting human skinĀ  facts

  • The skin is the largest organ in the body and weighs 12 – 15% of the total body weight.
  • There are 2 different types of skin.
  1. Glaborous skin which is non hairy (ie soles of feet and palms of hands)
  2. Hairy skin.
  • The average human being has 21 sq ft of skin and about 300 million skin cells.
  • The skin is constantly renewing itself from the bottom up and takes 52 – 77 days to shed cells.
  • Humans shed about 600,000 particles of skin every hour – about 1.5 pounds a year. By 70 years of age, an average person will have lost 105 pounds of skin.
  • Each half square inch of skin has approx 10 hairsThere are 45 miles of nerves in the skin of a human being.
    • 15 sebaceous glands
    • 100 sweat glands
    • 3.2 feet of tiny blood vessels
  • Seventy percent of the dust in your home consists of shed human skin.

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  1. sahithi says:

    How can we remove hairs growing on the face of females?????????????????
    Can anyone tell me the solution plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………..

    • Editor says:

      There are treatments that can permanently remove facial hair or provide a non permanent solution. It is all a question of money.

      Electrolysis or laser treatment are permanent or semi permanent solutions but are expensive and are performed by professionals.

      Waxing is the best known temporary hair removal method, applying a strong sugar solution can be as effective as waxing and less hard on the skin. There are creams, known as depilatories, are obtainable from your pharmacist and remove hair from affected areas. The temporary hair removal products are for home use and are relatively cheap.

      Manually tweezering out hairs is only a practrical solution if hair growth is sparse and random. Our advice is not to be tempted to shave the facial hairs as this will only strengthen the hairs and increase the frequency of shaving. Ask any Man!

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    a Biotin hair growth supplement should be one of the first items on your list.
    ‘ Stretching your hair (allowing longer periods of time) between chemical services will give your edges a break from being fried and allow you to retain your edges that are growing in. It has been almost a year since my hair started to fall out, and about 8 months since it started to come back.

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