Tips To Give Yourself A Perfect Fake Tan

fake suntanWhen the sun shines most of us want to be tanned and show off a healthier looking body. But with all the warnings about melanoma, aging dry skin and wrinkles not so many of us are willing to risk skin damage by exposing ourselves to harmful UVA rays or sunbeds.

The alternative is to apply an artificial or fake suntan, which until quite recently left an orange streaky skin unless done at a professional salon.

However with the beauty industry producing better products it is now possible to give yourself a natural glowing bronzed look in minutes.  Here are a few tips to give you the perfect tan.

Best Results for a Perfect Tan

For the best results you must use a good product and follow the instructions to the letter.
Do a test first on an area of your body that no one can see to see how the colour comes up.
Apply the chosen tanning product the night before the event. This will give you the opportunity to correct any disasters which, shouldn’t but, may occur. Also this gives you time in the morning to wash away the giveaway ‘smell’ the product may leave.

The following should be done every time you shower and should become part of your regular beauty routine.


Quick and easy to do. Gently brush your skin with the long handled brush in the direction of the heart, starting at your ankles and, using circular movements, gradually move up the leg until you reach your thigh. Switch to the other leg and then start on your arms. Your skin should be slightly pink and tingling. If you can manage it, brush your entire body in this way not forgetting to brush towards the heart.

This action will not only boost circulation but help to rid the skin of dead cells and debris, leaving behind skin that will absorb the artificial tan more easily.


When you’re in the shower exfoliate using a gentle body scrub to also encourage smooth clean skin.


Skin that is not dry will absorb the fake tanning product much more easily and it will last longer. Streaks will be left if the skin is not moisturised sufficiently.

However before using a fake tanning product only use a light moisturiser that won’t block your pores and prevent absorbtion of the tanning cream. Use the moisturiser mainly on hard skin areas such as feet, hands, elbows and knees.

To make the tan look more natural, its best to begin at your feet and work your way up your body so that you won’t get streaks and lines where the skin creases on your upper body as you bend over.

Wearing fine rubber gloves will prevent staining on your hands but you can use your hands if you are more comfortable this way. Using a circular motion apply the cream evenly.
Dont apply too much to the knees and elbows or you will end up with darker skin there.
Wash your hands very carefully to make sure all signs of the cream are gone from your nails, cuticles and inner fingers.

When the areas you want tanned are completed you need to let it dry for as long as possible. Don’t put any clothes on either as you may cause irregular patches on your skin. Put an old sheet or towels on your bed to prevent staining.

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