What Exactly Are Age Spots?

Age SpotsAge spots (sun spots, liver spots and melasma) are caused by excessive exposure to the sun and the consequent skin damage as a result. They also appear on some people with pale skins as they age.

They can range in size from a small freckle up to a centimeter wide and can be in clusters or on their own. As we age our skin loses its ability to defend itself from the sun’s harmful UVA rays and brown pigmented areas begin to form on the skin to help protect us from further sun damage. They are usually on the back of hands or face but can be found anywhere on the body that has too much sun exposure.

Are Age Spots Cancerous?

Any unusual pigmented lesion on the skin, ie a spot that has changed colour or shape, or an age spot, should be investigated. It could be cancerous but the chances are that it will be benign. If it does prove to be cancerous it is possible that it can be removed with laser treatment.

How to Protect Yourself from Age Spots

Obviously the only way to completely protect your skin age from spot free is to avoid going out into the sun unless you are covered up or by applying a high factor sun cream. Driving in your car can also give sun damage as windows only keep out UBA rays not the harmful UVA rays. One option is to have a tinted or clear UVA protecting film installed on the windows.


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